723 W 21st Street
Norfolk, VA 23517
(757) 486-4622

Tuesday - Friday
Dinner: 5PM-10PM
Saturday Noon-10PM
Sunday Noon-8PM
Closed on Mondays

Our Menu


Leche Asada


Peruvian caramelized milk/flan   

Mazamorra Morada


Peruvian pudding made from purple corn topped with cinnamon   

Arroz con Leche


Peruvian rice pudding garnished with raisins and cinnamon powder   
Pastel de Tres Leches  5
Tres Leches (Three Milks) Sponge Cake
Churros  6
Apple Filled Churros accompanied by Caramel and Chocolate Sauce
Churros la mode  8
Apple Filled Churros served with lucuma ice cream
Helado de Lucuma  6
Lucuma Ice Cream



Leche Asada
Arroz Con Leche